The 2016 list of Contenders

The inaugural Buller X was born in 2016. Below is the list of Contenders who qualified for Buller X from the “Call Up” process as well as the alternate list of athletes.

Buller X only happens on years when suitable snow and weather conditions allow. In 2016 we didn’t receive the snow depth that was required to run a safe event and so it was postponed The Mountain Calls the Day.

Layla Lee

Coen Bennie-Faull


Sam Robertson

Anton Grimus

Watkin McLennan

Katya Crema


Nat Segal

Ryley Lucas

Harrison McInnes

Adam Kroenert


James Phillips

Ryan Cooke


Danny Foster


James Mort

Oscar McLennan

Dan Rogers


Will Nelson

Torie Hamilton Wilson

Tristan Mioni

Kahliah Martin

Ben Flannagan

Philippe Lahey

Jake Rast

Tom Weber

Liam Wallis

Tim Dickens

Ollie Taylor Helme

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